Limnetics Destratifier promotes summer water quality by increasing mixed depth and decreasing metal and phosphorous release from anoxic sediment

Advantages for summer water quality:

  Reduced manganese and iron release from sediment
  Reduced hydrogen sulfide odors through less anoxic bacterial decomposition
  Reduced potassium permagnate use
  Reduced algae through less phosphorous release from sediment, less light availability, and more grazing zooplankton

Algae shift from obnoxious glue-green scums to fine, odorless greens

Larger aerobic habitat for game fish



Actual sizing requirements will vary. Contact Limnetics Corporation to discuss your application.


Sizing calculations based on US Army Corps of Engineers Water Quality reservoir Program Instruction Report W-91-1, by Richard E. Punnett, "DESIGN AND OPERATION OF AXIAL FLOW PUMPS FOR RESERVOIR DESTRATIFICATION". Click to Request a Copy by e-Mail